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What are the most important OnLineSequencer events you can think of?

This shall be a historical documentation of the best moments of OS
World update contest
- shock the community
Banning or Eric
-created more stricter rules about OS online dating
The Hazza Era
-mod crackdown on toxicity
Vlad wins monthly contest
- Self explanatory
Gazx becomes S tier
-youngest (OS age) S tier
-first online Sequencer band

The Robot era (AdBot, Robo, Nicebot, etc.)
Online Sequencer Podcast
-Had always been thought about but finally done by Alex
Online Sequencer tutorial button
-took us 7 years?
ambition- Lucent
-most popular song of the month for like 1 year
The Event committee
-sparked community involvement from us.
The CaptainPresto Liu Catlin Incident
-this incident led to a reset in all chat logs
Anything after 2019
- people gotten really crazy on this site, the amount of layering, technique, dynamics, really boosted from then
Late 2017 bot attack
-automated bots attacked OS on a daily basis, filling the forum with bot spam. This forced Jacob to make a captcha and is why he is so hard on alt accounts
BattleBee alt war
- this man did not listen, took 10 alts and an IP ban to get him out
Aventador alt war was worse, if I remember correctly
-free eepic. Took like 1 week to ban
The Lionsmane Era
- mute after mute. Later led to an account ban
The creation of Zenithbound
-considered to be THE BEST online sequencer song
-holy crap. It's 22 minutes long and about 1k measures
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