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This entire idea was made because I got bored and thought, "what if... a buncha OS people joined together in a group and then do stuff against otHEr groups and it's epic" and then I made this server. Basically you can either join a guild with some of your friends in which you will do stuff together, or found your own. Your guild will compete in games and challenges for credits. The guild with the most credits at the end of the season will win an amazing prize of shmancy roles, bragging rights, and possibly OS merch discounts. But don't be in it to win it. Be in it to have fun with friends while making music. Keep in mind this isn't too serious and is just for fun. If this goes well, fantastic, if it doesn't, then it doesn't, but who knows!
Events will consist of time challenges, find the source challenges, genre blend challenges, and definitely more. There will be a bunch of secret ways to earn credits as well.
If you are interested, the discord link is below. If you don't have a discord account but want to join, you can make one, it's free

Hope to see you there :D
Syn Gang OUGH