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Full Version: Attempt at the Doctor Who theme song
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I've recently started watching the first and second series of the Doctor Who reboot on Netflix. It's got an interesting theme song. I used the Experiments page to try to recreate it by ear from memory in the Sequencer.

Hah, I also attempted some Doctor Who things. It's my favorite TV show.

[url=]First Doctor's Theme[/url]
[url=]I Am the Doctor[/url]

And you better hurry on watching it. Netflix is removing it the first of February, along with most other British shows.
That's actually just the date Netflix's rights expire to BBC content; they are working on renegotiating the rights, so it would surprise me if there is actually a lapse in uptime.

Also, big thumbs up, I watched some of the classics and your First Doctor's Theme isn't pitch perfect, but it's darn close for the most part.