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What's your fav type of music
balls music
music when you pee in your sleep
where's the "none of the above" option
Sorry i forgot to add none of the above
i guess 8bit for chiptune...
dubstep for Dnb...
and hip hop for Old School music
Where is Classical Music?
Jazz? Metal? Blues? Orchestral/OST? K-pop? ...
8 b i t
Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Ill Al Skratch, Deltron 3030
(Heard some A Tribe Called Quest songs; they're good)
Alternative Hip-Hop is a thing I like.

So is Alternative Rock.
The Smiths, and I'm getting into The Strokes. My slightly younger sister loves Alt Rock and it's bangin' music.
Metal? Jazz? Ambient? Avant-Garde? Classical?

None of my favorites are on the list man
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