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Full Version: How is this sequence created in 1987?
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cause meme
George Burdell, the guy who made the website with Jacob_ made this sequence back in 1987. THIS very sequence has quite the romantic history to it...and the very core of a series of events that lead to the creation of Online Sequencer as you see it today... Let me tell you all about it. It all started back in 1985, when Jacob_ and George Burdell met at Cafe. Jacob_ walked next to George Burdell and offered him a beer, their eyes locked, they started getting to know each other better and eventually George Burdell mentioned that he was a NASA computer engineer. Please take note this was back in 1985, and computers were just getting mainstream... well Jacob_ grew up as a musical composer AND was fascinated with computer science because he was a computer science student. May I remind you in case you didn't know this... George was actually part of the lead development team of NEC's soundboards back in 1982, in 1983 computers started to play a role in mainstream music production. In the years immediately after the 1983 ratification of the MIDI specification, MIDI features were adapted to several early computer platforms. NEC's PC-88 and PC-98 began supporting MIDI as early as 1982 which George Burdell actually invented. As they were talking more, Jacob_ looked down... noticing they were both holding hands... Jacob_ blushed and mentioned that maybe they could develop a MIDI creation website/software for people to make music on... George Burdell gladly accepted, and they started getting to work on Online MIDI Sequencer (the old previous name) which was under design for a couple of years until 1987 when Jacob_ made the finishing touches and let his husband George Burdell make the sequence. Please note, George wasn't too good at making music so that's why it's not 'perfect'. Nothing is perfect... except George Burdell and Jacob_. Hope this story was intriguing.