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Full Version: Aye ya'll
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Hey, I've been around since mid 2018, but I've only been really active during this March and June.
Reckon I should formally introduce me arse to this decent community.

I'm Risviltsov, I am horrible at music, and I worship Edmund Patrick Jordan.

genres I like:
italian eurobeat, new wave, 80s prog rock, alternative hip-hop

artists I like:
Go2, Fastway/Dusty, Ace, Public Enemy, Chuck D, Ill Al Skratch, Gang Starr, Deltron 3030, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Waterflame

i'm a superfan of Chuck D and Public Enemy

I'm an empath and it sucks being an empath
i'm pretty good at thinking, i think
and i enjoy having a good conversation about political theory
western washington is the best place in the united but heavily disorganized and internally hostile states of central north america
i love "cold" and "miserable" weather; favorite weather is 9-13 C, fully cloudy, and a constant slight breeze
oh, and this wouldn't be a Risviltsov post without me inserting a horny joke with a bunch of profanities following
(insert horny joke here with several profane words)