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i infiltrated the online sequencer forums just to express my deepest enamorment for none other than celt and muhngkee. inevitably, i cannot go more than 2.7 seconds without hearing the sweet sounds of their divine creation filling up my heart, filling my everything. there is no more sorrow in my wake after having experienced such blessed things in life--i am simply a changed person--full of wonder, joyousness, and glee. only melt
Blasts! What preposterous action has the canine committed?

(what the dog doin)
im really wanting to write a post about something but i dont wnat to cause i think it would become a copypasta
this sequence may have sections that are TOO LOUD ???

Oppression much!! ?? ! 

- this sequence may have long sections that are silent
- this sequence may actually be a drawing
- this sequence may misuse the reverb function and sound like chalkboard scratching underneath the sea
- this sequence may be slightly off key in places
- this sequence may be extremely off key in places
- this sequence may be composed by someone who wouldn't understand the concept of harmony if it hit them in the face and rolled them down a hill

this is very dictatorial.   [Image: crying.png]  when does the [Image: huh.png] Y [Image: huh.png] S [Image: huh.png] T [Image: huh.png] O [Image: huh.png] P [Image: huh.png] I [Image: huh.png] A [Image: sad.png] end ????

this should be called [Image: angry.png] [Image: angry.png] [Image: angry.png] TOTALITARIAN SEQUENCER [Image: fire.png] [Image: fire.png] [Image: fire.png]
Lopyt 13:50
I dont know much about fortnight or what a chungus is though
I am just so awesome. I am just such an awesome person that knows how to do so many things. I can read, write, dance, make music, and play guitar. I'm someone who can also sing awesome too. If you don't like me, how is your taste in awesome?!!? Bad! I'll tell you that. Bee Ae Dee = BAD! I'm an awesome train wrecker, and an awesome gossiper too.I am an awesome taste machine and an awesome ice cube maker. I am awesome at my workouts and I'm super awesome with my words. I am just so awesome and no one can ever stop me. Me? That's me... Awesome McGee!
gets rid of the problems pretty much. just let the kid have fun. they wanna think that they're a fairy? let. them. have. fun.
Cries* I am a murderer, What is the voice that even took control of my mind in the first place, on October,30, 1963, Does anybody no how to cast out demons !?!?! MAKE Guilt Go away!! AHHH I CANT TAKE IT

Watermelon!!! Did you say watermelon
-Michael Myers, 2021
ENG: Hello. this is me. so if not only for this time is not on for like this for *****ing assholes dog***** for idiots assholes hitler. because is not that will get sences! This is easy for *****ing ***** ass hitler is dog*****!
So. I will make midi for everyday for you!
I Told u to do not to ban me!!!
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