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LuminousKR 21:48

(whisper) Listen up buddy, I'm going to beat you up so much so that you're going to be unrecognizable when you get sent to the hospital on a stretcher, and your parents are looking at your ugly, beaten and bruised, bleeding face, and they will say "Who the ***** is this?". I will stab you with my switchblade, shoot you with my glock, and throw you from the top of the Empire State Building. Once I see you on the ground, I'll throw you into oncoming traffic.

LuminousKR 21:48

(whisper) sorry wrong person
My Problem is Ive had Enough. Im 15 trying to make a Game By myself. Getting Absolutly no Help. The Least I came here to do was Learn to make good *****ing Music But its like every time I try Everyone acts like a *****ing idiot
If liam has million number of fans i am one of them ??. if liam has ten fans i am one of them. if liam have only one fan and that is me ??????. if liam has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth ?. if world against the liam, i am against the world ❌?☄️. i love #liam till my last breath.. ? .. Die Hard fan of liam ??. Hit Like If you Think liam Best player & Smart In the world ?
RSapphireFilms is currently away.

Reason: Every single mod (and a lot of the people) here hate me. And after I announced I was leaving guess what I got- more rudeness. Goodbye people.
Away Since: Today — Returns on: 01-01-2021
skuIIface898 21:28delete (whisper) ykw ***** this chat, I have a life to live and this pile of stuck up slobs who decided to mute me for trying to make people laugh are the stupidest son'sa *****es that I have seen in my *****ing life!!!!!! who cares if I MIGHT be black, who cares if I MIGHT be female, but that's not the point, the point is, NO ONE LETS ME BE MYSELF!!!!!
Listen, Fellas, im not trying to single anyone out, but if you're having severe family issues, to the point where you're hurting yourself, this isnt the place to take it, there's numbers to call, professionals to go to, nobody on OS is a therapist, they cant, and probably wont be able to help you, so dont come on OS with issues as severe as that, its not healthy and it just doesnt look good.
Hi liamappelbe,

Thank you for signing up to SnapJam. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you personally to our platform. We are THE place to collaborate on music online. First, I want to go over some housekeeping (schedule) items. Over the next few days you'll receive emails from us with the following subject lines:
[SJ] #2: The Place For Music Collaboration
[SJ] #3:The Tools You Will Need
[SJ] #4: It's All About Video
[SJ] #5: The Lyric Genie
[SJ] #6: Promote You Completed Songs
[SJ] #7: Grow Your Fanbase
When you get one of those emails, I want you to stop whatever you're doing, and open the email. Then read it thoroughly. You will find the exact tools and strategies you have been looking for to take your music career to the next level.

For example, in email #7 we'll discuss how you can promote your music on other platforms.

Are you excited liamappelbe?!

We hope this is the start of something special. See you tomorrow!

-The SnapJam Team
Thats what I am a Pansexual Semi-Femboy Furry Dragon, Cork ill have you know im 15 in the 9th frade and Passing with A's and B's in all classes
foxes are my, not my first, not my second, not my third, not my fourth, not my fifth, not my 78th, but my 89th favorite animal so you will not speak to fox in any tantalizing way
Hi I am from America! My reason for joining this site is to ask requests for midis I want but cannot find on the internet. While there lots of midis out there available free to download, there certain ones I can't and wouldn't have the time or skill to make it. This is why I need a midi composer to do certain rare and very underrated/obscure midis for my own game projects!

I am not interested in commissions, only free midis. I met a few good people on Youtube for this. Unfortunately, one person I met there can only do one midi for each person and another youtuber wanted to leave youtube because of not enough subscribers (cheapskate huh lol).

Anyways, what I might be good at if I can't do midis you might ask? Well, I am more good with making games and simply drawing things for comics and concepts! Yeah thats pretty much all I can do. Sorry I am not like all of you here who might be extremely talented or at least willing enough to do midis. The reason why I can't do midi myself because I am just bad at it and since it would be difficult for me to get the right keys to sound like the song I wanted (seriously, theres too much keys on a piano compared to how easier it is for me to remember the keys on my computer keyboard lmao) it is always likely for me to get the wrong sound and may not be worth my time to try copying a song that's not made into midi yet. I always prefer midi because it helps save me time and trouble making it myself instead of creating one from scratch. Again, I am no midi composer. I am just a game maker. I do download and edit midis instead of making something new in order to make the song match my project using soundfonts I find online. Thankfully, there very few sites that do accept midi requests. Unfortunately, most of these sites are no longer active or no longer taking requests.

I tried doing a few midis from scratch in the past and only managed to create just one short segment of a random song which sounded ok but not exactly what I wanted. Again, I am no pianist and only good for making games sorry about this.
This is why I would use a midi bot to generate random midis for my work but of course most of these bot made midis would not sound perfect for a game as the midi bot would always generate midis based on preferences and not exactly how you want it to sound for the games.

I just need someone at least friendly, understanding, and not too greedy about making short midi songs that don't require too much instruments. I only want lead, bass, and drums. Sometimes a song might have strings or other background instrument which might not be too hard for experts to do. Unfortunately for me, I can only do games and comics.

I am also looking for midi composers to recruit for my own none-profit game creating and comic company Kirby98. Named after my childhood Kirby series I grew up with playing in the 90s and also Windows 98 was indeed my very first computer!

My very first time making games was 2006 when I purchased Multimedia Fusion it was no doubt the very best program for designing simple games I wouldn't need to learn complicated coding or going to school to learn coding for that specific program. The interface is just incredibly easy and it helps me get best quality projects made faster than what other average game makers can get a game done in months or years. I once finished a game in only few weeks but lost my finished project after my Windows XP crashed. Sad

I don't need very much people on board to help out my projects. I only need a midi composer, a Clickteam expert if I get stuck or something unusual happen with the program who might give me advice on what to do with unanswered issues from the site or instruction manual, and someone who can try out my game and hear what they think of it! I simply do all the art, programming with point and click, and writing stories for my games!

I been making games since 2006 and have never completed a single project due to circumstances from losing 4 Windows computers in the past losing my previous work before I could even finish them. Maybe if I had a usb or easier way to save my files I wouldn't have to lose too much. It might even helped if I had a better antivirus than all those crappy ones my father wasted loads of money on them. I should have suggested Avast or at least Malwarebytes to him back then.
One other thing I learned, I should have used a vpn to help protect myself from potential virus attacks if that really works.

Now that I finished introducing myself, I want to be sure if this site really allows or accepts midi requests here? otherwise I could wasting my time then. Sorry if I am not really a midi composer and only here to find someone to help me out with my projects. I am currently using Mac as a way to stay out of the virus frenzy but thankfully I found the best antivirus and hopefully that keeps me safe from losing another computer (and my work lol).

I love making games and comics its been my passion for years. Although, I never plan a career. I just want to do things for fun and make stuff happen that other people wouldn't do. its just something I wanted to do to make myself (and hopefully the rest of the world) happy with what I make and what I do for both fun and other people's happiness if they see my games and comics online soon!
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