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Full Version: Which Region do You live In. Anonymous
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As many of you know, Online Sequencer Convention 2023 was mentioned quite a lot in chat. My team and I are trying to plan many things, many ideas, budget certain things.

We have at least decided that the convention will be located in North America in either Canada or the US.

One major thing that we needed to know from you guys is that a location has to be chosen. If your location doesn't get chosen for the final decision, I'm sorry. In the form, there will be general regions. Please choose the region that most applies to you. 

Another major concern is that we want at least 1 of the planning committee to know the location in order to be able to strategically organize the place and we are not all lost. 

Please fill out the form as truthfully as you can. I doubt all of you want to end up in Alaska for the convention.

Thanks for helping us out and being an amazing member of this amazing site.


Mod, Online Sequencer Podcast Host, Leader of the Convention Committee, Treasurer
Southeast US, preferably Atlanta region.
Dear Forum,

I apologize for the weird bioregions thing in the US poll. That was my idea and clearly it's too confusing or not as clear-cut as an optimal poll would have. Thanks for the feedback, we'll be editing it straight away to make it clearer.