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Full Version: help me learn new hobbies while im inside
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Hey OS!

still trying to get through quarantine? well im happy to announce a new place where you can:
-Post about your own hobbies and share them with other users
-Suggest hobbies for other users to try
-Suggest hobbies for me to try

here are some i already have:
-listening to music
-making music on OS
(im a little interested in cosplaying my own original characters but not sure where to start-)

thank you, i would like to hear more from y’all :D
cooking and baking
crochet, knitting or sewing

hi here's what I've been doing for the past year:

here are some awesome, free animation sites:
(there's another awesome one but I forgot what it was called)
One thing I found out that I enjoyed doing over lockdown is knitting. It's not that hard to get into and you get to have nice snuggly stuff. Aside from that, writing is fun but its not like its something you can get directly into. I've learned to play a few new instruments, wrote a whole ass book, started a webcomic, and formed a small band. Another thing you can do is learn a new sport. I recently started bowling and I feel  Fire  Fire
Anyway I think that's all I got honestly.
Build car or plane scale models,
I'm a potato
Learn to play harmonica.  I started with this youtube video a couple years back.   It doesn't require a big time investment.

starting a harem
Consume media that you haven't touched. (ever or just in a long while)

Examples (using myself as an example)

Listen to Hip hop/Rap type
Watch mysteries
Read a low level book
Actual news
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