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Full Version: Multiple Separate Tracks
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I think it is an important feature to be able to have multiple "tabs" to separate the different instruments. This would make editing easier and more flexible for a few reasons:

1) If you want multiple instruments to play the same note at the same time, you won't have to deal with two notes being on top of each other. You can just put the two instruments in different tracks.
2) Global settings for each track could allow you to set to volume for different instruments. Percussion is too loud in my opinion, so being able to tone it down would be really helpful.

When you are working in a tab/track, the other tracks could be subtly greyed out so you know which one you're working on.

I am a developer. Although I am not very experienced in web development, I would be willing to help implement these changes.
This is already a thing. Search harder lol.
^ What Alex is saying (in case anyone reading this wants an actual answer) is that there's a dropdown near the instrument menu. Clicking it will allow you to edit the volume of individual instruments and cliking on the locks will grey out instruments.
In any DAW there are different tracks, I think this is what he means by tracks. This would be nice to have and make editing much easier, but some people may not like it. Also if this is added then Mute+Solo couuld be added too and that would be awesome
Editing Instruments affects every note that uses that instrument and altogether is just seen as one track or channel.

I don't even know if there is a way to select all notes of an instrument without having to do much.

But what I think he means is, to be able to have saved groups, like different Piano Rolls.

How it would affect the MIDI, should be that the user gets to either mix it with default midi outputs, or it creates a new MIDI track.