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Full Version: Post the dream you had last night
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at the time of this writing i'm goig to leave to go to branson in like an hour so i dont have much time to type, so srry about any spelling or grammar issues Wink

Basically, you post the dream you had last night. thats it.

Example (the actuall dream i had last night):

Some top secret government organisation was trying to destroy everything and me and my cousins kept trying to hide from them and getting caught red handed trying to SURVIVE for crying out loud! and i remember this one part where we were hiding under a camoflauged tent sort of thing and there was a helicopter above us searching for us, and they found our tent, so we ran away. At the end we ended up giving up and playing this weird game called "America is annoying" and we were doing random stuff and finding any negativity in them, and pointing it out saying "america is annoying". At the end i remember intentionally building a trick scooter out of oversized parts, and then going to the nearby pond, popping a wheely off of a speed bump which sent me flying because of the fact that the tires were actuall car tires, and i had to do a 360 to make sure i landed in the sidewalk insted of falling over the edge into the pond. i ended up bragging about how fun it was. then i woke up so lol