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Full Version: Could anyone create these for me???
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So I have some trouble creating these songs, mostly because I'm not good with percussion or I don't have enough time :s

If you guys are able to make these songs, it would be so awesome of you!. :D

Beginning of Time:

Theory of Everything 2:

Paradise on E (REMIX):

Luckily for you, I (a) have too much time on my hands and (b) listened to the ***** out of this song in 2010-11

Halcyon WIP:

also nice sudden influx of request threads
Holy crap that was awesome!!!!! I love the climax part! I rate 10/10 DEFINITELY.
Here's a slightly updated version. The rest of the song contains a lot of phrases I can just copy and paste from other sections, so I'll probably finish this soon if I am not completely lazy Cool

also this is the longest sequence I've ever done goddamn
Wow, thanks!!!!
And here's the final version after like 3 months of procrastinating

***** this i'm outta here