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Full Version: Hello from Michigan.
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I have known of this site for a fair amount of time, but I only really started using it for compositions earlier this spring.

I have been occasionally composing music electronically since the early 90's, when I took an electronic music composition class in college.

I had a period of creative productivity in the early 2000's, when I found the old Voyetra Digital Explorer and it worked pretty well on my PC.

I got away from that after my PC went kaput and I couldn't find a new version of that software package.

I tried other sequencing packages but too many gadgets, bells, and whistles.

I have settled on the Online Sequencer because it is simple and yet has a halfway decent amount of options.

More than enough to do nuts-and-bolts composition, and plenty to get the compositions sounding halfway decent.

I probably wouldn't be able to do this nearly as much if I were working in my company's local office, which has been closed since March, but I am working from home, so ... I have the house to myself, and my boss is in his house 5-6 miles away.

In a way, he is partially responsible for getting me back thinking about making music. He is not a musician but he is big into EDM.

I have a number of EDM-ish tracks on my saved works. Like this:

[url=]It's Lit!!!![/url]

I get the feeling there are a lot of under-20's on here. I am definitely not that young (more like on the north side of 45 but still a little south of 50), which follows from me being in college in the early 90s.

Generation X REPRESENT
Hm... mind if i remix your song?
If you need some advice, or just wanna talk, come on chat. Maybe I'll be on there. I make loads of EDM music as well so I'm sure we will become good buds!
(08-20-2020, 02:07 PM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote: [ -> ]Hm... mind if i remix your song?

I have no objection and would be interested to hear what it sounds like.
Electronic music is so fun to experiment with! EDM is a great sub-genre, I must say. I've also been into putting instrumentals together on the PC, for a really long time, on and off since 2003. I honestly didn't know that there were college courses for electronic composition. I developed my skill pretty much on my own. I'm curious to know a little about it.

I'm also curious to check out what you've put together. Smile