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Full Version: Hey there. I enjoy making music very much.
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My first real name is Marianne, but you may refer to me as Kitty if you want to. I'm from MD, in the USA. 

I pretty much taught myself on putting together tunes that sound really good, with a bit of help and advice from friends. A friend of my family gave me what was previously his copy of Acid Pro 2.0, because he had bought a newer version of the DAW software.

It turned out to be one of the coolest gifts I ever received. Before that, I was just jamming on a few keyboards for fun, and self-taught myself how to play certain melodies. I learned how to play certain things by ear. It was mostly just playing melodies like the Indiana Jones theme, some Legend of Zelda themes, to eventually putting in my own flair to it. ...I realize that my keyboard version of Ganondorf's organ theme from Ocarina of Time was perhaps the very first remix I ever did, before I even understood what remixes were, LOL! I wish I had found a way to salvage what I had recorded onto audio cassette, so I could share it online. I still vaguely remember how it sounded, so I might be able to reproduce using one of the newer DAWs I have, or the online sequencer. I know it's all string string instruments, with my own additional melodies/harmonies...

I transitioned from just playing on the keyboard in my room to building much, much further on my music creating talent onto PC. There's more to do! Reverb, Delay, WahWah and more tweak effects! Copying, cutting, and pasting notes to certain parts!  

The laptop I'm currently using doesn't have a CD/DVD player, so I reinstalled a good DAW I bought from Steam, called Rytmik Studio. It's a decent song and sample maker. I have more of a variety to do stuff with now, other than Audacity and some music maker freeware that's so simple to use.

You probably never heard of the artist name I came up for myself; SilverFox Jams (in which came to me at random and I've kept it ever since). I'll have to put links in my forum profile to where you can listen to a number of tracks I've finished and uploaded.

Online Sequencer, to me, is not much different from DAWs I've used before. I already started on a big MIDI project yesterday; my own remix/cover of the song The Future is Now, by The Offspring. I like the original song a lot. I might have to up the BPM some, because I don't think I'll be successful in making snare drum rolls at 110 tempo. ^^;;  Maybe, I'll do a version 2 after I just complete what I can manage, so I can have a guide on what I did, so I can figure out how to improve. I really don't want to have to completely redo what I've done a lot of picking at so far. I worked on it for about a whole afternoon and into the night. 

I've explored for some time in listening to variety of uploads. Some honestly had me smiling as I listened. A few out of them made me think, "AW HELL YEAH, I'm into this!" I also thought I could try to compose my own versions of favorite songs and instrumentals on Online Sequencer, just for the fun of it.

I already know what else I want to do on Online Sequencer, but I'm going to try not to push myself too hard, or overload myself! 

I hope to learn from some of you, and even help to inspire others around here.
Sounds great
(08-29-2020, 06:37 PM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds great
Yeah! I look forward to creating and forming some new friendships with others.
Very energetic and hopeful! I welcome you here