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Full Version: Glitches when changing sounds
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Whenever I go through four or five sounds for note testing, all of a sudden it starts to get glitchy and distorted. I don't know if it's just me, but I am continually having this problem.
as far as i know, everybody has been having this problem, me too, i dont know when it will be fixed
This also happens to me, except my audio fully shuts off, only for the OS tab, i hope this gets fixed in the future though.
yea happening to me to. cant wait for a fix tho.
Anyone have an example sequence where it happens?
There is a problem. When I press --> it will always play an F5. It's so disruptive. Does anyone have the same problem?
Yall dont memorize what the sound sounds like and know intuitively how to use them? newbs
am i the only one who has no idea what you're talking about
I've also noticed that this tends to happen when playing more complex sequences that just have a lot of notes, or that just have more than three or four instruments loaded. The audio will bug out and sometimes stop altogether.
(10-16-2020, 03:14 PM)Syntax Wrote: [ -> ]am i the only one who has no idea what you're talking about
i have no idea either
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