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Full Version: How is the drum work on this song?
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I took a midi with the power rangers melody and added drums to it. They aren't the same drums used in the theme, but I just put whatever drums sounded good.
(09-30-2020, 07:36 AM)Ourobius Wrote: [ -> ]It's not bad; you have a grasp of some core polyrhythmic concepts. For a rock piece like this one, though, you usually want to be sure at least three beats are keeping time: your kick (whole notes), your snare (quarter notes), and your hat (eighth notes). You can, of course, play around to your heart's content within the basic beat structure, but never neglect your essential rhythm. Also, pay attention to what the other instruments are doing and complement their phrasing. Don't be afraid to take a rest to let other instruments have their moment. Below is a (very) rough pass at some rock percs for your piece; you might hear some of the things I've mentioned in practice.

That's a good sequence! Thanks for telling me about all this stuff for drums. I never would have known where to even start looking up how to improve drum beats.