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Full Version: Remix/whatever Contest! :D
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1: Remix this:

2: post the link to the remix in the comments. (I will be looking for links for the rest of the week)

3: The winner gets whatever he/she wants :D (not literally, like views or to collab with me or somethin')

4: The deadline for this is next Monday at 12:00 AM (Eastern time) (March 2nd)

~your furreh buddeh KITRIX
February 23rd or March 2nd? Just want to know.
(02-21-2015, 08:49 AM)Jay2k Wrote: [ -> ]February 23rd or March 2nd? Just want to know.

March 2nd
i dont know how to format that soundcloud thing to midi on onlinesequencer
So its up and The only one who posted was I3etFI, so congratulations I3etFI! :D What ist thou desire? (not literally anything)