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Full Version: Collaboration maybe?
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I made this eight bar piece and I feel it's good but I don't know what to add on to it.
(Tried ATMT... no one responded T_T)


Maybe we can finish it? :^)
Oh yeah, I could see that being a song style like Italo Bros or something. Like this:
That song was so good I made an onlinesequencer version of it:
Hey, although it has been a long time since the start of this thread, I have contributed to the song anyway. I thought it was really motivating and uplifting!
Here is what I did: . If you like what I've added, or parts of it, maybe we could develop it further. If you don't like it, no problem, I just tried something.
I may not always be online regulary, but when I do, I'll be happy to see your opinion.
I have added some parts with Dandro777's suggestion here: ,
I think both of you have done a great job.I am not that good at making fast compositions myself, so this is quite a challenge to me to not lose track (haha).
Maybe we can keep lengthening this piece?
Hey, thanks for your interest.
I like what you added to 'my' part, although maybe we can change the melody of the cello that goes with the violin, so that the notes sound better with the rest of the instruments. Also cool extension of the last few bars of 'my' part, especially the drums (yeah!). I think the calming melody at the end that you added entirely is very interesting. It would be nice if we could eventually make that fit with the part that Jay2k started with. And maybe we can make Jay2k's part appear later again?
It may take a while before I add something again but with would certainly be nice to keep lengthening this song. Don't hesitate to go ahead and add more!
Okay, maybe I made a mistake on whose part it was, I didn't really check.
But here's the newest update :

I successfully added the part Jay2k started with, but not exactly the same as I didn't add all the accompaniments.
The tune is the same.