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Full Version: The Faces of OnlineSequencer
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i lost the fro, so here's me now
[Image: IMG_20191102_215527.jpg?width=380&height=676]
Here's a picture of me that I took at 2am for no good reason lmao
(11-03-2019, 09:21 PM)Ourobius Wrote: [ -> ]Here I am:

[Image: vDqohSz.jpg]

Told y'all I was old
Is that Jack Black's stunt double?
[Image: hDdCt8M.jpg]
idk what I'm doing either but here is me I look angy but think abt meem all time
OK fine I'll post my actual face instead of Yoda lmao

[Image: tjuS2Kk.jpg]
This is my most recent photo. Mind the hair. It's a little longer than usual. Also got off a run which is why I'm shirtless and hair is a mess. I could've sworn I posted here already but apparently I didn't lol.
This will be used against me.
I'm only sixteen.
Face reveal but I'm bored as heck, also with blue light filter cos I'm taking photos at 1:30am :/

[Image: 20200710_012718.jpg?width=415&height=553]
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