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Hi! My name is Nicholai! I'm a transgender male from the southeastern US! I discovered this website a little bit ago, maybe about a month or 2, but I finally figured out that I can create an account and talk to people. 

My main goal here is to make free piano sheet music of metal and rock songs because I've noticed that it's so hard to find and I really want to be able to play my favorite songs on piano. I'm sure other people are experiencing the same problem. The reason why I'm not making a profit out of this is because it's even harder to find free, good piano music of nice songs. Most of the songs I make will be intermediate level, so anybody can just practice a bit and then eventually get it. I will be mixing it here, figuring out chords, etc and then putting it into sheet music form with my limited knowledge of piano and music.

I look forward to talking with y'all!

-Nick :)))

How is everything?
(10-16-2020, 03:53 PM)Benvisions Wrote: [ -> ]hi

How is everything?
Everything is just fine, thanks for asking! 

What about you?