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Full Version: I would love an addition of new instruments
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Hey, I love this online music making program, it gives me all I need to make my tunes and no need for any of those flashy stuff.

But I have used up the instruments and I wonder if there could be an addition of a set of new instruments. For example, I would like a more diverse selection of types of synth sounds, and a few more good drum kits, but I love this program overall.

Thanks Smile
just continue using the instruments on this site, there’s quite a lot so just mess around with it
yes dude that's a very relatable feeling
you might get exactly what you and a lot of other people (me included) want eventually though, just probably not that soon. Smile
there are no more instruments, except a few, not gonna tell you though
oh boy do i have the thing for you
shameless promo
the link i just posted is a copy of an older version of this website but  has a variety of 30 + new instruments you can play around with.
(10-26-2020, 04:02 PM)Jimbo Wrote: [ -> ]shameless promo
maybe but i know that a lot of people want more instruments so there you go