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Full Version: Send a role playing message with a lot of detail
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Sorry if this is against the rules, but I would like to see how you guys tell a story with that role play context syntax *excitedly*

The goal is to use ** syntax with a lot of detail. Please keep it family friendly

Here I will start:

*In the most delightfully savoury of voices, with a tone smoother than honey and deeper than the sea, with that classic and wonderfully mischevious smile, with the warm shadows cast by the dim, flickering candlelight as it falls on my beautiful, yet natural face, making it glow like the awesome moon, with the almighty shining stars high above peacefully watching from the heavens through the impossibly clear skies, with the sounds of the nighttime crickets, and the wind through the leaves of the tall and ancient oaks and elms, with the playful splashing of the river to the south, with the most beautiful shine in my deep and soulful eyes, and a cool summer breeze blowing magic through my long, flowing, perfect brown hair, with the fireflies dancing wonderfully through the evening air, and a sip of the impossibly delicious white wine* Do you want to play Minecraft with me?
No thank you I'm a speedrunner I beat minecraft in 0.2 seconds