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Full Version: Mystery 80s song solved! ( Sort of. )
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As many people have noticed, there's a new OS ad asking if you recognize an 80s song, followed by the song itself. 
Last year, in 2019, I've noticed a similar case surface. A supposedly 'lost song' was recovered. To be honest, 2019 was one of those years where I was probably way too invested in internet mysteries, such as the Cicada 3301 incident and the rabbit holes to weird sites. So this topic piqued my interest at one point, but I lost it later on. I didn't think I'd come across it again, considering I was expecting a Rick roll from the ad, but anything can happen, I guess. So, here's what I have after more brief investigating on the song -
 From what I can remember, the song name is lost, but the station it came from was a Norddeutscher Rundfunk, or in simpler terms, a German radio station. Many people gave the song the alias of "Like the Wind' / "Blind the Wind". The person who recorded this, according to The Rolling Stones, was a man named Darius S. who was known to have recorded the song between 1982 - 1984. He recorded the song on a tape labeled "Cassette #4", which also had many other songs from the same time period ( 1982 - 1984 ). Meaning the earliest possible air date of this song was around that time, most likely in 1984 since that was when tape decks started being manufactured. The earliest known source of this song is from 2004, when Darius's sister, Lydia, gave Darius a website domain as a present, which he used to spread awareness on the playlist. This "song hunt" gained more recognition in 2019 when a Brazilian teenager began searching for evidence after the song got his interest. He uploaded a clip of the song from Lydia's Reddit post to YouTube. The way this grabbed my interest, though, was from a YouTuber named 'Justin Whang' or better known as 'Whang!', who uploaded an episode of his "Tales From the Internet" series regarding this song on July 9th, 2019. 
 The investigation apparently even ended up reaching a part of the German government, who has still not been able to identify the song.  ( That part is something I'm only 50% sure of, it seems a bit much for a song. ). 
 This is all I can put out there for what I know. Any input?

 Below is the playlist and the ad for reference

[attachment=270] [attachment=271]
There are probably a lot of songs that have been forgotten by time, I don't think a lost song is very special
at least it's a good song
(10-31-2020, 06:45 AM)kei#0011 Wrote: [ -> ]most likely in 1984 since that was when tape decks started being manufactured

i haven't really read this thread but i saw this, not sure if it matters but tape decks were manufactured in the late 1960s, even the walkman dates to the late 1970s