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Full Version: how long are online sequencer bans? can i get unbanned?
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ok, so a few months ago i was extremely irresponsible with the online sequencer chat. i spammed the : poop : thing in the chat and got muted. than for whatever reason i made an alt to use the chat again. so one of the mods banned my IP address.

i feel really bad about what i did. i know what i did wrong and if given a second chance wouldnt do it again.

my question is, are online sequencer bans on a timer? like 6 months or a year? or are they indefinite?.

if they are the latter, how can i convince a moderator to un-ban my IP?

i have a feeling that they are timed since my account itself has not been deleted.

for those who are suspicious on how i am posting if i am banned like i said above my account wasnt banned and my friend let me borrow his computer for this sole purpose. 

please any advice would be very helpful.
Depends on the situation ngl.
what account was banned
(11-09-2020, 10:09 PM)fox Wrote: [ -> ]what account was banned

technically this account itself wasnt banned it was my IP address because i made an alt.