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Full Version: Obsessed About A Strange Video
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Decdoing Audio From A Strange Video
Puzzle posted this SCRATCH project by a user named "DCSM." I have no idea if this DCSM is our "cork" or not. But The audio in the video is highly distorted.

LINK to SCRATCH (Volume Warning)

Without any audio adjustments, every now and then a word can be heard like "princess" and "future," but nothing else can be made out. (These words do confirm that the speaker is speaking in English).

I took a video of the audio using OBS. Then I tried applying some simple audio filters. I wasn't able to get much, but I was able to decode the first sentence to be saying something along the lines of:
"It's-a me, Mario... [something something] ... here to save the Princess. Wahoo. [?]"
(Okay, actually, maybe the filter that I used wasn't necessarily helpful in decoding this part. Now that I listen to it again without the filter, I can still hear this relatively well).

I heard this using a "bandpass" audio filter, that essentially only passed the band of frequencies centered around about 8kHz with a width of about 1.3 Octaves. I also have another band pass allowing in frequencies of about 550Hz, with a width of 2.5 octaves.
Everything else has negligible gain values. I attached an image of my frequency spectrum.

Anyone have any better way of doing this?
I am doing this not because I am interested in the video itself but rather I am interested in finding solutions to real-life communications problems.

Just leave it at Mario has itchy balls 🗿

[Image: download%2B%25281%2529.jpeg]
This dcsm is 100% our cork.