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Battle Music
Projects:                                                                                       Bio
·      Finish all music                                                                                                         Hello! My name is Battle Music! As my name told, I make Battle Music.
·      Create more holiday music                                                                                    However, I also make other genres of music! My join date is
                                                                                                                                         August 10, 2020. If you would like to see my music, go to -
The Piano
Another quick piece of info about me is I play the piano! I have been playing the piano for 3 years now and I'm self-taught. 
If you ever need tips or you need help learning how to play the piano, feel free to ask me! Don't be worried about the piano first of all. 
If you feel intimated by the piano - I'm here to tell you it's not bad. 
I will give you a quick basic tutorial and if you want to keep learning - feel free! 
Getting familiar 
So the piano is basically made up of 12 keys and that's it! No more, no less. If you are looking at a piano (I recommend if you can have one with you right now)
go ahead and find a group of two black keys together. Did you find one? Well once you have, go on ahead and go to the left of those black keys. You should find a white key before the group of two black keys. You just found C! Go ahead and mark it if you can. Right now we will only focus on the names of the white keys. With your finger on C go on the very next white note to the right of it. You just found D! Now go back to C. Starting from C all the notes are - C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Now, what do you think the note after B is? Well, the keys repeat so that means C! So the notes repeat on and on and on until you can't go any further. 
Now it's time for the black keys. Go to C now go up to the black key and that is called C#. Go to D and go up to the black key. That is called a D#. I don't want to get to into this since it can confuse people so a rule is on a note - go one left for a flat and one right for a sharp. 
One last thing - there are whole steps and half steps and the way it works is just with a half step - move you finger up to the very next key. A whole step - move your finger up o the very next key and then do it again. 
I understand that was a lot of information to take in! If you have any questions just ask me! Also, use the image for note names. 
You might like You can make practically any kind of static web page there with HTML and CSS. HTML formatting is pretty easy.
Thanks. I am a programmer with Html, CSS, Javascript, and more! Will I be able to use Neocities to format for forums?
there are also many other sites that allow for HTML editing, such as and that are free and don't require any kind of account.
(11-11-2020, 04:00 PM)Battle Music Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. I am a programmer with Html, CSS, Javascript, and more! Will I be able to use Neocities to format for forums?
It doesn't look like it. I could be wrong. I brought up Neocities, because it just looked like you might not have known about making a homepage outside of forums. I guess  having a homepage on a forum allows for more visibility.
No, I just misread and forgot to delete the comment. For some reason, I thought you were using Neocities as a formatting option for forums.