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Full Version: Music competition
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I will be a judge and I will pick  2 other people who volunteer to be a judge.                          Host : Shockwave        Co Host : Dstandard 2

You can use any piece of Your music in this but you have a maximum of 2 pieces you can enter.

If you want to join put that you want to join in the comments i will update the thread when someone joins.

the judge's will update grade on a scale from 1-10 then we all add the score  to get somthing out of 30 for example if we all give five points you will get a total of 15/30.

There is no theme for this competition but maybe next competition there will be.

11/20 People are Participating

Judge's Dstandard 2 Shockwave Shifty

if any judge puts there music in they cannot grade for themselves  if you get 4 and under from one judge you will get 5 points but anything above 4 will get the judge seven points

PRIZE +5 Rep

this competition will end by months end
am gonna be co-host since i came up with an idea like this.
her. its not good, but ig
Hi,What's up,um here's my 2 top songs I think are good out of all my songs and ,I think in my opinion these songs are good.... Thanks for commenting and good luck,Bye! Smile
Here is my best song so far, I hope you enjoy it because it's my most favorite as of now.
welp heres my entry
Here is my second entry for this competition.
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