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Full Version: how to make sandwhich
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guys I'm don't know how to sandwich help
1) Think about what you want on your sandwich
2) Make yourself hungry
3) Grab the ingredients
4) Screw it, order pizza instead on delivery
5) There is no step 5
A sandwich traditionally is edible materials (most commonly meat, lettuce, tomato, sauce, cheese, and peppers) between two or three slices of bread or toast
I forgot to type that I now know how to make a super sandwich now, cause I went to mars for a split second and the aliens showed me a super recipe for making a super sandwich! anyways, thanks for the advice! (also I think it's funny how some of you guys were writing this as if it were a serious cause, which I don't mind, we all go our own way lol)
This was a question asked at the beginning of my high school Computer Programming class.

//A subroutine to put Mayonnaise on one slice of the sandwich, with parameter of Mayo Density constant
Void PuttingMayoOnSandwich(int mayoDensityNum) {
if (mayo_is_on_bread == false) {
if (mayo_is_on_knife == false) {
mayo_is_on_knife = true;
} else {
while (mayoDesnity < mayoDensityNum) {
mayoDensity = checkMayoDensity()
} //end nested if
} //end main if
} //end subroutine
(11-28-2020, 12:46 PM)flurtret Wrote: [ -> ]1. Call your girlfriend/mom
2. Tell her to make you a sandwich
3. Wait a little
4. Now eat your sandwich
wait, why wouldn't they be in the kitchen?
Sandwich is the food I cook the most.
put bread then something then bread and you're set
1. Put bread
2. Put toppings on top of the bread
3. Put the other bread on top of the toppings
If you want to make a hamburger it's similar except you have to use a patty on step 2 and the bread is different.