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Full Version: Why have we biologically developed to enjoy music?
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It doesn't seem like something as abstract as music would be beneficial to survival, so what has music offered us that has made it such a staple of our culture and lives?
morale, maybe its because some people find comfort in certain music that would help evolutionarily speaking
i think music also falls under the category of aestheticism, different societal classes are identified via aesthetics
all bc of the meme's
Whilst I suspect that to be a joke Shockwave, it is technically true, however I am trying to go before that into why the memes became in the first place
i feel like music just started from basic, nonsensical beats and sounds, and it just evolved over time and became more important to society. All kinds of music make us feel all kinds of emotions, and is VERY universal, so that’s probably why it became such a staple and popular over time.