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Full Version: Rico's Sequences
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I started using this site back in January. I saw that other people made a list of their stuff, so why not do it as well?

A Look Back (Original)
All That Glitters (Original)
Benediction (Original)
Blackout (Remix)
Bloodshot (Original)
Broken Nation (Original)
Canon in D (Cover)
Celestial Dance (Original)
Desert Winds (Original)
Desolation (Original)
Discordance (Original)
Doctor Who Theme (Remix)
Endless (Original)
Farewell (Original)
Game Over (Original)
Garden March (Original)
Grow Bright (Original)
Hand in Hand (Original)
High Tide (Original)
Hustle and Bustle (Original)
Lotusland (Original)
Morning Light (Original)
Musical Pi (Original)
New 999 Number (The IT Crowd) (Remix)
No Sugar Tonight (Guess Who) (Cover)
One Step Forward (Original)
Rico's Song (Remix)
Royal Flush (Original)
Sepia (Original)
Singularity (Original)
The Near Past (Original)
The Speed of Light (Original)
The Speed of Light (Full) (Original)
The Star Festival (Super Mario Galaxy) (Cover)
Time Stops Here (Original)
Timeless Seconds (Original)
Ups and Downs (Original)
Wings of War (Original)

That'll keep you busy for a while. *wink*