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Full Version: Synth Orchestra for Surge
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Why a synthesized orchestra is great is you have much more control over dynamics, vibrato, etc. than a sample library, so thats why I tried to make realistic sounding synth orchestra instruments. They arem't perfect but I think they are pretty good, probably wouldn't notice that they are synths if its in the back of the mix. Still working on some of the instruments as some aren't so great yet. If you want to add some of your own to these presets just send a link to them. Here is what they sound like. Percussion was not a synth but everything else is Download the presets here. download the synth here if you want
that's not bad. I do like more woody sounding strings, but these sound okay nonetheless.
The great thing is you can tweak them how you want them, you aren't limited to what the sample sounds like
how do i make my compositions sound as orchestrated as that?
you should make a synthesized drum patch
You can make them sound like that by volume automation and vibrato, synthesized drums are not so easy for me