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Full Version: How to play the Longest MIDIs without Lag
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I've noticed that some of the longer midis on this website (The longest of which is roughly 75,000 notes as of April 2015) tend to be quite laggy to play. However, I've noticed a way to play them without it lagging that I don't know how many people know about this. Note that I've only tested this out on Google Chrome

1. Load the page with the MIDI you want to play (This can take several minutes for the longest ones, but it will load eventually)
2. Change the Auto Scroll to Off and stop playing the song
3. Open another tab (Doesn't matter what it is.)
4. Hit play and really quickly switch to the other tab.
5. The Midi should play without lagging massively

Let me know if this works for others, and tell which of the longest midis sound good. (The longest Bad Apple MIDI actually sounds really good, but towards the end it will just go silent because there are just too many notes for any sound to play.)
Oh hey BillyWAR, nice job compiling our songs together. It sounded really great ^^