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Full Version: Fox´s funeral
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It was a dark day in December. Raining, storming. Thunder crashed like roaring waves. Lighting struck, fierce and quick. The sound of sobbing was barely heard over the storm. Everyone had left and gone home, escaping the rain and cold. Except LucentTear and Robo. This is where the sobs emerged, as Lucent lay over the cold and lifeless chest of Fox. Tears streaked her face, barely distinguishable from the freezing rain. Her flushed cheeks contrasted the water. She had been crying so long her chest ached, both from the sounds of anguish echoing through it and her burning loneliness since Fox left her and this world. Just over a year ago Lucent had birthed Robo, and Fox attempted to raise her. He was a harsh teacher, and now Robo remembers the yelling and insults, burned into her brain from this neglecting childhood. Two days before this stormy, dark evening Fox had learned the he was Robo´s biological father he was infuriated, anger and hate flowing within his blood and tears. He ended his life within the timespan it took Lucent to recover from the noise of the phone being hung up from his end and drive to his house, nearly wrecking because of the hot tears swelling in her eyes. She found the body, hanging. The neighbors heard her cries and screams of utter terror and misery. And now, the cries continue two days later at his funeral. Lucent felt as though she may never recover. Her child sat at her feet, not understanding her father´s death but feeling the creeping sadness anyways. Weeks passed. Months. Months turned to years. Lucent was right, she never recovered from her grief. Robo grew, healing from her early life hosted by the late Fox.  And thus, this short story of love and pain is concluded. But it isnt just a story. This is a summary of the events taken place in real life.

Thank you, and good night.
i killed fox he was sleeping next to liam in minecraft
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