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Full Version: Making a videogame
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I had a cool idea for a medium sized 2D video game but have no experience in making video games, so I would like to assemble a small team of skilled people who have enough motivation and time to create this video game with me.

I will be using the Godot game engine, for it is free and open source, and I know how to use it

I will be open to any suggestions on the game and its various aspects 

The game, based on my current plot idea, will be not very large, probably similarily sized to Undertale, however that may grow depending on how dedicated this team will be.

The game will most likely be free, and I cannot pay anyone who wishes to help monetarily, however, credit will be given to anyone who helps out considerably.

I wish this to be a fun project so if you do not think you will have fun making this, its probably best you don't try to join the team.

The areas I need the MOST help with, in order, are art, coding, and testing mechanics, while the areas I need the LEAST help with are music, plot, and sound design/foley.

Once the team is assembled I will send each member the current state of the main plot and my concepts on how the game should be. Thank you for helping me out if you so choose to!

P.S. I am aware this website probably isn't tje best place to ask but I am more familiar with the people here and how they behave I may also use this depending on what the team is better at, I just heard about it and it looks cool