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Full Version: Katie, the random story generator
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A little bit ago I realized I could generate a lot of romance stories in chat, but i want other users to challenge me to see if i can write a [insert word here] story. So as long as i keep going, I’m still in the game, but if I run out of stuff, you guys win, and I lose.

Now let’s go have fun writing stories together!
write nonfiction it is difficult
Write a story about LucentTear and her favorite users
write about OS
write a very dumb story
google translate a book in another language and then publish it
Write a story about being banned for a month and u log out and...
(01-13-2021, 06:47 PM)LuminousKR Wrote: [ -> ]write nonfiction it is difficult
like realistic fiction or actual events? I’m pretty sure nonfiction is actual realistic stuff so...
(01-20-2021, 06:13 AM)Legendary Remixer Wrote: [ -> ]Write a story about being banned for a month and u log out and...

Ever since one of the mods banned me from chat on OS, I decided to log out and make one of those away-statement-thingies since I didn’t make much music on the site. I was away for about a month, and I decided to come back for a bit even though I was busy with work at the time. So, I logged in, and for some reason the site kept on telling me my password was incorrect, even though I checked multiple times to see what my password was. Then all of a sudden, a website error popped up. “Eh, it’s probably Jacob fixing the site again,” I thought. Then I hopped onto the OS discord and saw that people from the site were chatting like it opened up again, but it seemed like the site never had any problems with it. I checked back and the eeriest message popped up on my screen: 666 ERROR: WE HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT. “Okay,” I said to myself quietly, “that’s weird.” I went back into the discord to report a bug on it, but everyone thought I was joking immediately. I then sent screenshots and even pictures from other devices, then all of a sudden I got a strange DM from someone saying “Is everything fixed now?” I did some researching, and this person wasn’t on the OS discord server at all, and it wasn’t even one of the mods. I still have no idea how I got a message from this person since I didn’t friend them in advance. But I went back into OS, weirdly seeing the site fixed, like brand new. So I reached out saying, “Yes, did you do this at all?” And they never responded back to me. I still have no idea what happened but I can’t log into the site again, no matter where I go, what device I’m on, or even what time I’m on the site, it feels like someone banned me permanently. I didn’t do anything extremely bad, I just trolled one of the users on the site. But yet, something didn’t feel right, and it felt like some kind of entity was watching my every move and wanted to kill my account on OS.
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