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Full Version: User Accounts
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You can now log in to the main site with your forum account! It doesn't do anything yet, but sequences you create while logged in will be associated with your user ID for future updates. Smile

Any hints on what these future updates are?
(05-09-2015, 02:58 PM)Lempillsk Wrote: [ -> ]neat

Any hints on what these future updates are?

Two weeks later and no response, hohoho

It's never too late to respond to this post Jacob, I'm still waiting for some level of acknowledgement
Neato, im with lempillsk- any hints? :p
I just replied to another post about ownership of songs, and this is probably a step in the direction to help stop stealing songs.
I have no clue how to get to my profile also in the chat it does not have my name so I have to name myself everytime to prevent it from showing Guest #___