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Full Version: forum games:if you could add ONE thing to os,what would it be?
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o wow
big texty
o wait
the name of the forum game is to add one thing. i could be anything ACCEPT perm bans.
Make the save icon a floppy disk instead of a cloud, because I like floppy disks.
ok dokie
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=14761965]
shyguy bruhm that signature is 'unfuny' but also 'funni'

trapbeat wants to add Monopoly man doing fortninte dances on os, noted
trapbeat lmao where did you find this masterpiece
Add a 707 and 909 drum kit
Add something that gets rid of all the annoying users, and the ones that get butthurt way too easily. Thank you!
anime girls moaning as an instrument
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