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Full Version: Lyrics for song I'm writing - version one of lyrics
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--verse 1--

I come to this realization

Break free from contemplation

Feel the acceptance rising

Of what I thought was true

Treading the worst path of life

Hoping to never walk it

The forceful push of life moves me on this path

And now I've learned from the mistakes

Walk along with the world and see

Don't hold back your tongue

Don't sign away your rights

Seeing what he has to offer

Not looking through the entire deal

That I thought was the best

And now I've seen the worst to come

Reaching rock bottom

And now I find the spirit rising

Deep inside of me

This world that I've come to know will find the best of me

--verse 2--

Walk the world, come to see, come to bleed

It's the natural part of life the pain you feel

But the mistake that we make is we just allow it to take over

Come to this land come to see the truth

Don't try to bargain you'll only find pain

Even though you thought it was the best way

Even though you prayed and hope and you got the impression this was the best way


Ah and I find the truth out

Making this mistake again

Thinking I found the best way to take

Bargaining this fate

Trying in avoid it

And I ended up with no goal reached

--verse 3--

I feel the anger grow

I feel the winter storm

I feel the ice take over

I feel myself give up

I feel the wind come on

I feel the bonus come

The worst I felt a while

I never saw it coming

And I just gave up

Without even trying


I feel the ice taking over

I feel the fire in my soul come over

I feel the spirit in my body come out

I feel the strength that I have not felt in a while

--verse 4--

It's a mistake that we all make

The bargain of life and the fate that comes

Don't make this mistake again

You will make it out of it

Melt through the ice

You can do it again

This stretch that you thought you lost

Was inside of you all along


Ah and we come to realize

We find the strength to fight and come to acceptance

This bargain we leave and we go back to the way of our health that we feel

And when you feel the need for sadness

You'll find the strength to stand and fight
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