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Full Version: Syntax Samples
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hi welcome to my samples lol

Just like normal samples, these can be used in any of your sequences for whatever you'd like; Boost of creativity, practice developing skill, or even just adding some extra color that you didn't think of. go crazy.

  • This is not required, but if you use my samples, i kindly ask for you to credit me either in the comments or when advertising, if you wanna be extra nice. i made these with the intent of assisting others in their sequence producing, not as a free handicap hehe.
  • You are allowed to tinker with the samples as much as you please. i purposely left most of them fairly customizable.
  • One thing i ask you don't do, is use my samples if you are planning to submit the sequence into a contest, or event. those competitions are to challenge your musical ability.
i will be adding new samples whenever i can, really. i also take suggestions, so just dm me either on os or discord (Faffle#7649), if there's a specific style or sample that you would like created. i do not always guarantee that they will be made, but i am always open to ideas.
     however, please don't request anything that is already an actual song or sample. i wanna try to keep it completely original.

samples can be found here.

thangu :)