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Full Version: My Final Explanation
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Hello, all. I'm posting this so I can get my part out that I never got to explain. It's me, your friendly neighborhood Sad Ghost on his last alt and his last chance to explain himself. I know this account will get banned shortly after this is posted, (I'm looking at you, fox) but I'm going to take this time to speak ny side of the story, so hear me out. The day when those messages from my account that were said in the chat, it was not me. Allow me to explain further. After Dragon was banned, he came to me some time later and said he was really upset. He said he wanted to keep making music, and he asked if I could lend him my account. I know it sounds ridiculous that I actually gave into him, but what would you have done if your friend came to you asking you for help like that? I know the majority of you would help that friend. I told him to not talk in the chat while he was on my account, but he didn't listen. For the life of me, I can't figure out why he'd make it sound like I said those horrible things. I would NEVER encourage ANYONE'S suicide. I love everyone like my own family. Dragon was very special to me, and I cared for him dearly. But to all that had to bear witness to the things he was speaking about, I apologize greatly. And I take the fall for lending my account to him. I also find it reasonable to have been banned, and I'm not asking for the ban to be lifted early, I'm just telling you all what really went down. That's all I have, and I hope you all understand. Have a wonderful day, everyone.
This sounds fake and like your throwing dragon under the bus :/
(02-13-2021, 07:03 PM)Battle Music Wrote: [ -> ]This sounds fake and like your throwing dragon under the bus :/
not saying i agree or am taking his side, but i have heard of stupider mistakes, and Dragon kinda deserves to be thrown under the bus
Also, even though i don't fully know what happened(and am too lazy to find out), I doubt that Ghost would say anything hateful. he is very respectful of others, and a cool person to hang with on OS
Anyways hello. So you come here telling your side of the story. For clarification, you gave Dragon, the most weird and messed up person to know, your account so he could make music still, correct? Now once you gave him the account he started being weird and was telling himself to go commit suicides? Here's my problem with this, if this is true then it means Dragon was targeting you. I don't think Dragon would do that. I do recommend stay away from Dragon. If what your saying is true - I'm sorry about that, but you did lend him the account. If you are lying; I have no further words but to keep quiet for a long time. You will come back from this, and so will Dragon, and everyone else. Everything will be okay in the future. Have a good night.

Battle Music A.K.A. Jonathan
I don’t know what y’all are getting in your case for. This is totally something a person would do, I know this because I used to be a *****ty manipulative person so dragon doing this just to bring someone down seems very sensible to me
Hello, in any case. As a result, you've come to share your side of the tale. To be clear, you handed Dragon, the weirdest and messed-up guy you know, your account so he could continue to compose music, correct? Now that you've given him the account, he's acting strange and telling himself to commit suicides? This is where I have an issue with it: if this is true, it indicates Dragon was looking for you. That's something I don't believe Dragon would do. I strongly advise you to avoid Dragon. If what you're claiming is correct, I apologize for the inconvenience, but you did lend him the account. If you're lying, I have no choice but to remain silent for a long time. You, Dragon, and everyone else will emerge victorious from this ordeal. Everything will work out in the end. Have a pleasant evening. smash karts
idk. im willing to believe you