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The Best Mario Cover Users

I hate to put myself in this list, but since I do rather enjoy making and covering Mario music, I figured I'd place myself here.

8. Firebolt391d
Some examples of my work:

Staff Roll - Super Mario 64

Poolside Rest - Super Mario Odyssey

7. BobbyTheFatPineapple
Some examples of their work:

King Kaliente - Super Mario Galaxy

Tower Boss - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

6. 2C3H8_Memes
Some examples of their work:

Lead The Way - Super Mario Odyssey

Grumble Volcano - Mario Kart Wii

5. Mr Magicman
Some examples of their work:

Come On! - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Delfino Plaza -  Super Mario Sunshine

4. Luna Worx
Some examples of their work:

Super Mario Land Theme

Slider - Super Mario 64

Now, into the top three. This next user used to be highly active, but has since become less and less active. UTComposer has always been one of the best Mario cover-ers in my mind.
3. UTComposer
Some examples of their work:

Gusty Garden - Super Mario Galaxy

Maple Treeway - Mario Kart Wii

The placement of these top two are extremely debate-able. I myself had an incredibly difficult time deciding who to place as number one. For this next user we have JulesVPraag. JvP makes extraordinary sequences, both of covers and original songs. His Mario covers are always the finest and highest quality.

2. JulesVPraag
Some examples of their work:

Bob-omb Battlefield

Jump Up, Superstar - Super Mario Odyssey

And lastly, this final user is someone I found very recently, but after looking through their sequences I realized that they seem to have great talent and an amazing ability to cover songs. They tend to cover mainly Mario Kart songs, but their quality and attention to detail is truly incredible. I was also amazed at how few plays this user has, and was hoping to help them gain some popularity.

1. HoppingIcon
Some examples of their work:

Luigi Circuit / Mario Circuit

Circuits / Mario Circuit GCN

Whose version is the best?
Coconut Mall





Thanks for reading!
What do you think? Are these the best Mario coverers? Are there any others that I missed? If I missed anyone, please mention it here, or feel free to post your own or your personal favorite mario sequences in the comment section. Thanks.

Created on 2-14-2021
Updated on 3-14-2021: Added Luna Worx