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Full Version: Ai stories.
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Go have an AI write something and post it here. No vulgarity, please.
For example, here's mine (I used

I looked at that cat. It looked at me. I reached into a bag and pulled out the bag of cat. The cat looked at me. I picked up the cat and put it back in its bag.
Then the cat started to wail. It did not like being in the bag. I picked up the bag of cat and put it back in its bag.
Then, a guy named James, who was not a cat, came over to me. He asked me, "Why did you put that cat in a bag?"
I simply said, "I wanted to."
He said, "Well, a cat does not belong in a bag."
Then, the cat leaped out of the bag and started wailing. It did not like being in the bag.
It had a loud noise, that it was a violent attack, and then I called the police and said, "Mr. Thomas, this cat is not a cat."
The cat was in fact a cat.
The cat t-posed and looked at me. It did not like being in the bag.
Beep boop bop beep beep boop boop. Boop boop?
A crow was pecking on my window and cawing at me. "Come on. There are five birds in the house, and I have to get them out of the way. "

He came to get my head down, and I was too frightened to fight back. He came again and threw the chair over my head.

"HEY!" I yelled at the crow as he threw the chair at me. I could see that he was already trying to stop me from running for president.

The crow began pecking me. I was scared to death. I could not turn away, even though I felt it was very clear to anyone who looked into the sky that he had come.

I leapt out the window and began running, but the crow struck me on my head.

He threw me on the ground. I could see that I was falling. He started running back and forth across the ground, and I could not run.

I saw my mother come running over, and I was scared to death.

She said: "You look fine , but you just ran away. "

I was so scared that I threw the crow at her.

She said: "Come on, there are five birds in the house, and I have to get them out of the way."

At that moment, I realized that my mother was the crow...

In the days following my death , I came to realize that I was the president of the United States of America.
The cat attacked Bob, knocking him out of his chair. It then proceeded to hit him with a toilet plunger.
Bob knew that the cat attack was not going to be a pleasant one. He crawled to the back of the chair, picked up his phone and called the police. When they got there, the cat immediately attacked them. The police were able to restrain the cat, but it was not enough to stop the attack. Eventually, the cat was forced into a pet carrier and taken to the police station.
The cat was questioned:
Police: Who is the cat attack?
The cat: (Meow)
Police: Who killed the cat?
The cat begins to lick its paw.
Police: Is there anything that can possibly hurt you?
The cat begins attacking the officer.
Police: No.
The cat is still attacking him.
(End of questioning)
After reading the questioning of the cat, Bob began to doubt the sanity of the world around him. He decided to go back to his apartment complex where another cat attack was taking place in the lobby.
Bob carefully stepped around the cat and took an elevator to his apartment. He saw what appeared to be a large cat attacking a window in his bedroom.
He was unable to stop the cat from breaking the window and falling from the window frame, but the cat was able to land on a nearby tree and therefore did not die.
The cat then started to make its way back to the apartment complex.
Soon, Bob heard the loud sound of another cat attack.
here is what it created with that same website

Number 15, Burgerking foot lettuce, the last thing you would want in your Burgerking burger is someone else's foot fungus, but as it turns out, it might be what you get. the old lady didn't have a foot fungus, but she had some foot fungus, which was good, but she would have to go into the back room to get the last - minute ingredient.
a good bit of the food would be lost, and she was only able to make a salad, so she had to get things done with a
knife and fork and stuff. i wonder if she has anything else to do today. that left just about everything : the laundry room.
(The AI got writer's block)
I was there and we didn't even know, but at that moment I got to the floor, and I saw the guy come up and come down and just say, 'Oh, how come you can go home today?'"

"I knew we were coming at the end of the day and we didn 't even know. I had my way around and we were back in the car, and the car
The toilet overflowed. I'm going to go out there and get it clean, I'm going to run around the kitchen," he said, pointing out the sink and trash cans that would fill up the space. " I 've been running around in the past, and that's what I've been seeing this time around." He said the water had also been flowing out of the toilet's mouth. " I've seen a lot of people run around on my toilet in the last few years," he said. "You would just hear the sound of the stream of water, and then you'd hear the water coming out of the bathroom.". "You wouldn't hear it anymore because it's coming from the toilet," he said . "I think the water's being released and you wouldn't notice it because of it. I just like how water's coming out of the toilet." The water in the shower can be found at a number of locations throughout the city.
The plane lost an engine. But when the crew was at the airport, the engine went out of sync. The plane’s fuel tank broke down and its engine was shut down. The fuel tank and the fuel tank were blown open, and the engine had not fully ignited. This photo by the Associated Press. Caption by John T. Wilson/AP Photo . . The Associated Press, which has since said the plane is still on its way to Chicago, says it is not looking to re-offend because the jet crashed after crashing in Miami. And that, said the AP, does not have a story to share. The Associated Press contributed to this story. . . A photo posted by a Florida man who lives in Florida has prompted some to question whether the jet has a connection to a possible crash. (Darryl F .
I tried to make never gonna give you up and I got:
Never gonna take them out. I 've always wanted to make sure it doesn't go in the way of my business, but my boss, he always says he doesn't know. When he goes on a business trip, he says you need to be able to help him get the money back and not be an alien. But they know you are being too easy. They are being so easy. I think it's amazing that people would actually appreciate it if they got that money.