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Full Version: quick question :huh:
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This is my first thread here so please bear with me.

If I create an original song on this site, does onlinesequencer own the creation or do I? I like to use this site as a starting place for creating songs so that I can come up with a melody and just send the link to people I would like feedback from and I would hate to lose the right to my work.

Also, could some of you tell me what you think of this->
Construction criticism is appreciated.
I'm not 100% sure but I think you don't have ownership of the songs you make here since the songs don't say who made them. Also I like the song you attached :D At first it was weird but it was only because the jump from the end of the song to the start is a bit delayed, if it started a bit sooner it would be perfect. Overall, the song is simple but catchy and I really like it :D It sounds great alone but other accompaniment would make it even better. Good job!
I would think that you do not have rights to the sequence, as said above there is no ownership. However, I believe any orginal works could be considered your own as in if you took the song and transcribed it directly from the website after you have made something into note form. If the owner, Jacob, as creator of the website and code wanted to though he probably has the right to all rights on this website. I am only assuming he is giving us the rights he has upon the music and extending them to the users. The only problem I can think of is plagiarism, as there is currently no ownership attached to songs, which means you could go to any song and then claim that you own it and made it and it would be hard to disprove you. Furthermore, I understand that covers of songs and the like are not considered plagiarism if given respect and credit to the creator, but you could go rip off a song such as a Legend of Zelda tune on here and claim it is your own work and spreading it around on sites like youtube, soundcloud, etc. unknowing of the fact that it was originally created by Nintendo (if you are unfortunate enough to never of have played any Zelda games) and get copyright strikes on youtube etc. On the other hand you could just take someone elses original song and profit from it, while they put lots of hard work into the song and you just went and posted it somewhere. If you see what is being said here, it can be very hard from a legal standpoint to enforce ownership of a song from a site like this, and even harder yet to prevent stealing of songs as it is now. I would completely understand if Jacob officially said no to taking songs you made from here, but harmlessly allows it as a testing place for music. I can not speak for Jacob though and do not know his intentions with this site.