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Full Version: The story I am writing (WIP)
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The Story of Louis Herman
War is a curtain. It opens to display a world, shining with beauty at every corner. Then it closes, enveloping everything in darkness. What happens when the curtains are closed is truly, a nightmare. I was only 12 years old when I knew what war is like. As I gaze down the dark halls of the foxhole, I feel relaxation. I do not really know the reason why. Maybe it is because I grew up here since I was 7, or maybe it is because I have nothing left to lose. The other children still cry for their parents, and others because they do not like being down here. I am not like the others, I came here for 2 reasons. 1, I wish to be stronger, and 2, I want to get retaliation on the very person who seized everything that I had. I was brought here but I kept insisting that I start training instead of waiting until I was 17. I still remember the face of the man. He was a tall male that wore a mask. He had a strong face and eyes that glow a burning red. He had a large scar that stretched from his right eye to what seemed to be where his mouth is. I heard rumors that he was from across the seas, somewhere in Russia. Nobody knows his name, but they call him the Hellbringer. He has endured explosions, gunshots, and landmines. In fact, nothing ever stopped him and he always executes his opponent with a headshot. I was astonished that he spared me, it was like he knew that I would come for him in the future.  

I stood up and walked out of my room. The entire facility is secured by locks that can be opened through a chip. I was implanted with one, which is why I can freely roam. I would occasionally get bullied by the adults. “You are just a kid,” they say. But that never stops me. I learned to just ignore them. 
Shakespeare, move over
this actually isn't bad. i like this add more