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Full Version: Formal Resignation and Final Farewell
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Dear former OS family.

I know I have been here for a long time, 3 and a half years in fact. I have had some great times and interesting experiences here. I write to you guys as this will be the last forum post I will ever write on here, at least if I can control myself. I have been a mod for 1 year and a half, and I find it crazy I lasted this long. 

My plan for leaving Online Sequencer was not one that I wanted but nevertheless expected. They say that glass can only withstand so much before it shatters. I have reached that point. For these years, I have met hate, slander, backstabbing, manipulation, and many more. I was on OS in order to be loved, appreciated, and treated with respect. I have tried to give those out to those around me and hoped that if I treated them in kind, they would treat me kindly. 

This shall be my formal resignation as I am leaving as a moderator, as well as leaving as a member. I leave OS due to the ill-treatment I have received from many of the current moderator team. I treated them kindly, and they hit me with hate, bullied me, and treated me like garbage. I feel as if this is not the character of a leader of a good community. 

I choose to leave as I have officially given up on trying to reform the community, I wanted to be the person who could actually make people feel empathy towards one and another by making an Online Sequencer Podcast, as well as other things I did on the site that I thought people would enjoy.  I feel as if I cannot do anything anymore.  

If you want to say goodbye to me, message my discord Dat Alex#5810 but I intend on blocking all Online Sequencer links as well as anything associated with Online Sequencer. I will figure out something with the moderator team with regards to the Online Sequencer Merch Store and I will be deleting the Online Sequencer Youtube Channel. 

This will be the last time I shall message on this site, this will be my final farewell. As always, make music and have a good night. 

P.S. I personally think Crimson would be a good mod as she has had a fair amount of experience.
Sorry you feel that way dude, hope all goes well. You still can contact my E-Mail if you have anything for me to know about. Bye, have a good time!
Goodbye, and good luck in life
I personally am surprised as this kinda came out of the blue. But I respect your choice and I truly wish nothing but the best for you. I hope that this community - especially the moderator community - can see this as a chance to improve and use this as a chance to change for the better.

Good luck out there, Alex. You will be missed. May love and grace abound to you with utmost abundance
ok have fun
Thank you for all you've done for the community and the members ~ I'm sorry that the kindness you've given us could not be mirrored for you. Wishing you all the best, you will be missed <3
Sorry about the turmoil your going through right now. Good luck on getting out of the muck you find yourself in right now for your life. I hope you have a better future than the present moment that you feel is not treating you well. Good luck! You were great to have here at OS. Marysamat (Battle Music, Jonathan) says bye!! Good luck Alex! I'll be praying for you!!

Jonathan A.K.A. Marysamat
Goodbye Alex.
You're a good person, I was inspired by many of your sequences but I didn't know you felt this way until today, and if you want to leave the OS community, thats all good, you have my respect and I wish you get treated with more respect in the future, unlike how you were treated on this website. Farewell alex.
Goodluck and goodbye Alex
Farewell alex, i wish you the best!
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