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Full Version: Formal Resignation and Final Farewell
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Oh no! This is terrible to hear; I wish you didn't leave...

Well, it is your choice. I wish you best of luck; continue making music if you have other sites! Please, continue to be yourself. You're amazing!

Farewell. . . I guess. D:
Sorry to hear you've been feeling this way, I wish you all the best and hope that you will find your way in this troubling world and wish you the best of luck out there. keep on being you man, and thanks for all the memories!
Hey man, I know we haven't really interacted betwen the both of us on this site, but I wish you a great journey nonetheless. The situation you're going through is tough, and I can relate a bit. I just hope it gets better for you from now on. It's been a privilege to have you in here.
So long, friend Sad
bye have a beautiful time
i hope to see you again!
"I intend on blocking all Online Sequencer links as well as anything associated with Online Sequencer."

[Image: Screenshot_20210331-125820.png?width=316&height=684]
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