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Full Version: Read if you care. P.S I love the song I put. Don't judge me.
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(Werewolf) Shota X Hizashi 

By: Shoto 

Aizawa was training his class in the USJ with Mount. Lady as a volunteer teacher. The class was retraining the rescue subject. Aizawa was telling Mount. Lady to be aware of the things that can happen whale training like the possible injuries and so on.  His head was still spinning from all that happened last night. As the class got tired, and the day got shorter, Aizawa loaded them all back on the bus and they returned to UA. Unfortunately, Aizawa still had work that needed to be done as a teacher. His head pounding, fangs sharpening, and eyes glowing. In a different room, Hizashi was trying to concentrate on his work and not focus so much on music, but that’s not all that’s on his mind. He has seen Aizawa in his wolf side, the red eyes still perching his head, the low growl he gave off when calm, and the feeling of his sharp fangs deep in his shoulder still lingers around him. Making it hard to focus around him. A light blush came over his face. But his long blond hair was able to hide it. As he kept reading, he thought it wouldn’t hurt to apologize to Aizawa for his drunk actions last night. He pulled his jacket over his shoulder and laced up his gothic subway platform boots and left the room. As he walked down the hall, he overheard one of the students in class 1A say that Aizawa canceled class for the rest of the day. That made Hizashi subspaces in some ways but worried in others. He thought to himself, “did he hurt himself? Is this his other form taking over again? ...Is he sleeping?” once he reached the classroom, he here’d a deep growl come from inside. He opened the door with caution, his heart pounding quietly. He entered the room and quickly closed the door behind him. “Aizawa? Are you cool?” He got no response. The silence grew cold. His heart was pounding louder now. He knew it would probably be a bad choice, but he hugged Aizawa, letting him know he was here. Aizawa started to struggle, but he was unable to once Hizashi grabbed him, his body went in shock. He was unable to move, his mind blank, his heart pounding, his fangs retracting and growl softening until finally, his eyes were black again. He was back. Hizashi was to bussy calming him down, he didn’t realize his hands were dangerously close to his waist and his lips, dangerously close to his neck. A heavy blush came over Aizawa’s face. “Wha-What are you doing Hizashi?” Once he came to reality, his gut clenched with embarrassmentHe eventually tried to let him go, but Aizawa grabbed his hand one he felt him loosing grip on him. “Whatever you do, DON’T LET GO!” A deep blush came over HizashiHe tightened his grip on him and got a strange feeling, He could tell that Aizawa had that same feeling due to the look in his face. Hizashi eventually swallowed his pride. He graded Aizawa, pulling him to the ground and pinning him down. Hizashi knew he would regret it later, but he couldn’t help himself, He’s got him in the right place at the right time. He pulled Aizawa’s shirt off his shoulder. he looks at his Alabaster white skin and bites his shoulder, eventually drawing his crimson blood to the surface. Hizashi closed his eyes, puts it in, and goes semi-fast. Aizawa felt the pain inside and out. “Hizashi...*Let’s out a soft growl* I don’t know...”  As Hizashi bite’s his shoulder again in the same spot with one hand on his chest and the other on his wrist. Hizashi, now singing (with the beat) Wisper, say my name, the lights, are getting low, Travone, from your lips, one taste, I’m going over. Falling, between, this feel, is what I’m after. Empty, feed the high, fix me, I’m getting sober, I don’t even care yeah you got me, good, we don’t got to know if we should, getting lost in you yeah you said I could, Cuz you know that. Cuz you know, Once I get it, Oh, so addicted, oh, got me tripping, oh, high over you. You keep me from crashing down, stay a little longer, stay a little longer with me. Once you get it oh, so addicted, oh, got you tripping, oh got me tripping, oh, high over you.” Aizawa thought the song was for him. Small tears started to form in his eyes as he looked up at Hizashi, who was still singing, and smiled. For a moment, he completely forgot what was happening to him. Once reality got to him (which was 20 minutes into it) His head was screaming. 
what are you suggesting

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There's this teacher named Aizawa .... Ah-zow-ah? Aizwa? ...
who is apparently a werewolf... and his friend - Hizashi ... Hisa shy? Hiz-ashee? who is also a teacher, but maybe not a werewolf?

The story starts with Aizawa finishing up his daily classes and training some new substitute-teacher-in-training named "Mountain Lady." Eventually class ends, and Aizawa goes back to his desk to work. Hizashi and Aizawa apparently became drunk the night before, so the Hizashi went into Aizawa's classroom to check up on him, but after a long suspense he found Aizawa laying motionless in his classroom. So Hizashi decided to hug him for some reason. And then Hizashi came to, and then .... they started banging each other? ...and signing some kind of song at the same time.
Yeah thats a strange story, I would leave out the banging