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Full Version: Random Instruments and Music Machines
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Post Random Instruments And Music Machines Here
Post any kind of instrument you think is strange, odd, or interesting - or post about really any piece of technology that was created to play music. Post in any way you want: anything from images of the item to embedded youtube videos, or links to other sites like Wikipedia that give more information about them. Or even just type the name of the instrument and why you think it is interesting.

Some Ideas For You
- Orchestrions or other Mechanical Music Machines
- Old Synthesizers or early electronic instruments such as the Theremin
- Uncommon/unheard of plucked instruments like the Herdy Gerdy or the Harpejji
- Uncommon/unheard of wind instruments like the Ocarina
- Unconventional instruments such as Boomwhackers

My Instrument Selection

The MIDI Slide Whistle
Created by the youtuber called mitxela, this slide whistle snaps to certain notes using magnets, and the slide itself is moved using wooden arms and motors controlled by an exterior circuit board. Go in about 6 minutes into this video to see him play it using his piano and to show its MIDI capabilities, but I highly recommend watching the entire video from the beginning if you are interested in learning more about it.

There were a few cool instruments I've seen, like the marble machine thingy and some people make marimbas or similar stuffs out of pvc pipe

Also a MIDI breath controller is a cool piece of hardware designed to help add expression to MIDI recordings byy using your breath.

A ribbon mic is cool, instead of a diapraghm, it uses a ribbon of plastic to pick up sound, abd they have unique tonal qualities