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Full Version: I wrote something about conflict today W.I.P.
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Yet tis be a light that one may see, only one will see the eternal beauty that is unique to the eye. 
Alone at last one may be thinking, yet this own world that one may live in is purely just a fog that has settled in the ground. Putting on shoes, and socks. Going on out into the world to breathe air and see light which will turn into nightfall as seconds to minutes to hours pass by. With the eye one may see a picture to which their heart, mind, and gut will call an answer to or may provide an opinion to live; another eye may see differently to the exact same thing. Alone, since all do not agree with everything that has been brought to visibility and invisibility to earth, conflict arises. And thus, births a sacred tradition. One that has not been planned nor thought of by one but brought to attention by the path of nature. Conflict has yet to be the greatest mistake to the senses that we all hold. 
Bound to see just a whisper of light, we all hold at least one thing dear to us. One other, or more, may be aware of this, one, or more, may not. Yet whatever we hold dear will depend on the strength it provides to the body, heart, mind, and soul. One may not grant enough strength where you are willing to fight for it. It may provide a sense of joy that when lost, is missed but you may just move on. However, some other objects that can be most dear to us, we are willing to fight over. Fighting over a presence someone you love like a family member. You may not feel concerned about their safety all the time but when something happens that is a potential threat to them, your feelings for them with your concern for their safety may come out.
However, love is unique and different in many ways. You may feel angry towards someone you love and in opinion, anger comes from love. To say that you have a family member who has been getting lazy in a field of work they are in or they are getting lazy in school and now their grades are declining downwards. At first, you may not focus on them as much and only focus on yourself. But as time goes by, you may begin to see that they are falling into a worse and worse spot and you may get angry at them because you want them to get out. You may get angry at why they are not putting in work for school or their job. You and they can clearly see that it's not helping them, so why do it?
This anger that has been created by love for the person may turn into conflict with the other person. The other person may get annoyed if you are angry with them for not trying. Life is different and unique for every person who lives to touch, feel, love, see, grow, etc. And this person may have something going on in life which will affect several things. If the person is dealing with a social life at school or in the world, this can take energy off the person. And yes, it is true that not everyone functions the same way so some may be able to enjoy an easy social life while some may struggle, or some may just have an easy one that comes with bumps along the way that heal or may stay, provide, and impact. In opinion, every human has a mix of all of this. But we have all come across a bump in our social path before, big or small. Something that happened could last forever, a week, a day, a second, or something else. Everything that happens takes energy away from a human. A bump that can last for a week can leave a person at the end feeling mentally exhausted. Every human has experienced it before. 
One of the things we should all practice and work on though is the fact of how everyone may be tired, angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and no-one has the right to take how you feel away from you; it still matters how you come across. Going back to you being angry at a loved one, sure, you can be mad, but it matters how you take it out on them. They may be mad at you, but it matters how they take it out on you. This anger and how you take it out goes for all other emotions and all other things will affect how  you take it out.